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UW: GWCL assures customers of uninterrupted water supply

The Ghana Water Company Limited (GWCL) has expanded its distribution of treated water by more than 50 kilometres between last year and this year. Early last year, about 18 kilometres were added to the already existing distribution network while another 28 kilometres were added later in the year. The GWCL is working on expanding the distribution network by another 10 kilometres early this year.

Speaking to GBC at Wa, the Upper West Regional Chief Manager of the Ghana Water Company Limited (GWCL), Clement Kuukaayeng, said the expansion has helped the company reach more than 40,000 people in about 5,000 homes.  Mr Kuukaayeng explained that the GWCL has extended beyond its initial coverage of the centre of the Wa Municipal to other parts like Danko, Nakore and homes around the mechanical hub of the Wa Municipality popularly known as ‘Wa Magazine’. Mr Kuukaayeng also mentioned that customers of the GWCL are predominantly domestic users.

When asked about the reports of water rationing in the Upper West Region, the Regional Chief Manager of the GWCL said his outfit has no problems with production and distribution of water to its customers in the Upper West Region as has been seen in other regions. Mr Kuukaayeng was quick to add that the Jambussie Water Treatment Plant in Jambussie in the Wa West District is currently producing just about 20 percent of its 15-thousand-cubic-metre capacity due to the demand in the region.

He again mentioned that due to very minimal illegal mining and farming activities close to the banks of the Black Volta, it makes it fairly easy to treat water in the region. Mr Kuukaayeng encouraged stakeholders to remain committed to ensuring that the situation remains the same.

Touching on payments, Mr Kuukaayeng commended customers in the region, saying although repayment is not a 100 percent, the GWCL is able to retrieve more than 80-90 percent of debts owed it. He explained that although it would be impractical to deny the occurrence of illegal connections, discovered cases have remained minimal.

Mr Kuukaayeng said due to new developments, the company’s service lines are often tampered with. He however commended residents in the Wa Municipality for the collaboration in helping address challenges with leaking or broken service lines.

He said, “Customers should feel free to come. I do not see people coming too often to say this is my problem and all of that. We [GWCL] should not think that they [customers] do not have problems. When they have problems, they should always come so that we can collaborate and help address them.”

Story filed by Mark Smith.

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