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Youth empowerment receives boost


The Youth Bridge Foundation (YBF), an independent non-profit organization committed to youth development across the continent of Africa and the Diaspora has announced a $4,900,000 partnership deal with Empowerment Squared, aimed at strengthening youth participation in governance and the electoral process.

The new deal and the project, African International Youth Internship Project, were announced at a breakfast meeting held in Accra.

The partnership among others aims at bringing together the local partners and others from Canada to interact and officially. It is also geared towards promoting a sustainable and inclusive youth development agenda.

Programme Manager, of Youth Bridge Foundation (YBF), Miss Joyce Nyame, said the partnership is being hosted jointly by Empowerment Squared, MacMaster University, and the African Youth Internship Project is being funded by Global Affairs Canada.

International Youth Internship Project is being funded by Global Affairs Canada.

Miss Nyame said the Government of Canada and its funded organizations are committed to international development through gender-empowerment, educational research and inclusive growth as well as climate change mitigation, and adaptation.

The foundation is committed to international development through culturally relevant and responsive experimental education of young Canadian professionals.

She added that YBf is committed to empower local partners to ensure a credible process of knowledge exchange between Canadian interns and local stakeholders.

Miss Nyame expressed her gratitude to the government of Canada for supporting them through the Global Affairs Canada for the development of the project.


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