Survey shows youth dream of seeking greener pastures overseas

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A sampling of views of the youth in Ghana shows that many are generally patriotic, although, they say certain things are not going right.

This was from the report on a survey on the youth, commissioned by Child Rights International, and launched in Accra.

The survey report christened “Ghana Through the Lenses of Children; the Present and the Next 20 Years”, featured thematic areas of skill required for future jobs, national identity and pride, religious landscape, the economy, among other things.

The survey engaged 11,288 respondents aged between 12 and 17.

According to the Executive Director of Child Rights International, Mr. Bright Appiah, the sampled youth said they will migrate to another country in search of greener pastures because of standards of living, and for educational purposes.

Meanwhile, the Head of the Psychology Department, at the University of Ghana, Prof. Joseph Safo, said Africa has the youngest population in the world, yet poor.

He opined that it is time to talk about Ghana’s natural resources in a way that will benefit all.

Some student participants also shared their views on the report.

The research was conducted to gauge the view of young people of the present state and the state they envision Ghana in the next 20 years.

The report recommended that patriotic songs be taught in schools at all levels.

It also recommended that school mottos, national pledge and anthem be translated into local languages, where their schools are located for better understanding.


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