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Internet outage in Ghana: What you need to know

Internet outage in Ghana: What you need to know

Mr. David Gyedu, Cybersecurity expert

By David Gyedu, Cyber Expert

Ghana has been experiencing a country-wide disruption of internet connectivity due to cable faults affecting the commercial undersea telecommunication cables (CUTC).

This report aims to provide an overview of the issue, potential causes of cable faults, the impact on Ghana, and propose short-term, medium-term, and long-term solutions.

David Gyedu known as DK Cyber from Cyber1defense Communication, appeared on the GTV Breakfast Show to discuss pertinent issues related to the recent internet outage. During the show, he presented in-depth research and insights, drawing from the expertise and guidance of his mentor, Desmond Israel ESQ.

The research, influenced by the guidance and mentorship of Desmond Israel ESQ, provided a comprehensive understanding of the Internet outage.

Potential Causes of Cable Faults
The potential causes of cable faults include:

Impact on Ghana:

The internet outage has significantly affected Ghana in the following ways:

Short-Term Solutions:

To address the immediate impact of the internet outage, the following short-term solutions are proposed:

•Pooling or peering: Utilize existing peering agreements and available capacity to distribute the internet traffic. Glo1, with a capacity of 2.5 Tbps split between Ghana and Nigeria, can contribute to this effort. The total capacity on the remaining four CUTCs is approximately 6 Tbps.

Medium-Term Solutions:

In the medium term, the following solutions can be implemented:

Long-Term Solutions:

To mitigate the risk of future internet outages, the following long-term solutions are recommended:

Concluding, the internet outage in Ghana caused by cable faults in the commercial undersea telecommunication cables has had a significant impact on the country’s connectivity. Implementing short-term, medium-term, and long-term solutions will help restore and improve internet connectivity, reduce dependency on undersea cables, and enhance resilience against future disruptions.

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