GNAT Assists National Security In Peacebuilding


The Ghana National Association of Teachers, GNAT has partnered with National Security to aid in improving intelligence gathering as threats of terrorism in neighbouring countries intensify.

General Secretary of GNAT, Thomas T. Musah insists the collaboration is “expected to enable teachers to complement efforts of the Ministry of National Security to protect Ghana’s borders” and promote peace in communities.

As part of efforts to disseminate information on Ghana’s National Security Strategy, the Ministry of National Security has engaged the leadership of GNAT at all levels to “enable them to inform members on why it is important for the country’s security to be safeguarded”, he added.

National Security Coordinator, Maj. Gen. Francis Adu-Amanfoh said, it is important, that “teachers in all communities become alert and aware of their surroundings and pick-up signals” that would complement efforts to enhance security across the country.


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