NADMO closes safe havens providing shelter for victims of Kpong-Akosombo Dam spillage

In Pictures: Mepe grapples with flooding after Akosombo Dam Spillage
People's houses submerged in floodwater.

Officials of the National Disaster Management Organisation (NADMO) in the Ada East District has closed all the 3 safe havens providing shelter for the Kpong-Akosombo hydro dam spillage victims.

About 700 out of the 6000 flood victims in the Ada East District were housed in the Azizanya D/A Basic School, the Big Ada Methodist School and a 3rd location at Tetsonya also in Big Ada.

The victims who stayed at the camps for 5 weeks were made to go back to their various communities on Saturday 18th and Sunday 19th November, respectively amidst accusations.

Each victim was given a 5-kilogram bag of rice, a cup of gari, a gallon of maize, beans and oil. But some of the victims says they were not happy with the items given them.

They accused the team set up to manage them of keeping most of the relief items at the District Assembly. They also accused NADMO for living them stranded and refuse to take them back to their communities.

However, the Ada East District NADMO Coordinator Ebenezer Teye Kisseh Nartey told GBCNews that the closure of the safe havens became necessary due to increasing debt pressure on his office. He disclosed that NADMO is heavily indebted to local business owners.

Mr. Nartey also disclosed that the items given to the victims were items in

Mr. Nartey also disclosed that the items given to the victims were items in the custody of NADMO officials and that the Ada East District assembly led by Sarah Dugbaki Pobbe is keeping a lot of relief items which they are not willing to release.

When reached, the District Chief Executive of the Ada East District Assembly Sarah Dugbaki Pobbe declined to comment on the issue only to say that she will provide answers at the next committee meeting.


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