Nogokpo Court has nine-member panel; sitting Saturdays

Nogokpo Court has nine-member panel

By Sayida Maltiti Sadick

Amuzu Agbodzalu Williams the Head of ‘Nogokpo shrine’ says Nogokpo has a Court with a nine-member panel that sits on matters every Saturday to judge and review cases brought by the people.

The ‘Nogokpo Shrine’ is a well-known and revered shrine in the Volta region where people from and around the region go to seek for help and redress to their problems.

According to the Head of the shrine ‘’when cases such as land, money and other issues, are brought to the god of Nogokpo called ‘Togbe Zagadja’ “we ask you to refund the money to its owner, if you don’t we leave it to the gods, though we pass judgments and the verdicts are appealable’’.

Speaking to Host Kafui Dey on GTV Breakfast Show, Amuzu Williams said the young man who died by the strike of lightning some days ago was left untouched because by tradition if it’s the gods that killed the person, and one touches the dead body, the person will be in trouble and will have to come to the shrine for the priests to cleanse them.

He added that the rite of people fetching water and rubbing it on their body at the scene where the Senior High School student died where the burial rites were being performed, was just part of purification processes.

Amuzu said “People collected water used to wash the body of the dead boy because, some believe that water will purify their family members who saw the dead body”.

“Even though I am the care taker of the shrine it can still strike me if I commit a sin, in fact recently in our midst one of us was struck by lightning”, I, therefore, urge Ghanaians to live peacefully with each other and avoid being cursed that may warrant one being struck by lightning during storms”, he concluded.

Below is the video;

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