Afghanistan: US tells citizens to avoid Kabul airport

The US has warned its citizens to avoid Kabul airport amid continued chaos outside the terminal.

A security alert issued on Saturday told US citizens to stay away due to “potential security threats outside the gates”.

Only those individually told to make the journey by a US government representative should do so, it said.

The advice comes as thousands try to escape from Afghanistan via the airport following the Taliban takeover.

The militant group swept across the country and captured the capital Kabul on 15 August. Since then, tens of thousands of Afghans – as well as foreign nationals – have headed to the airport in a bid to flee the country.

Crowds have been gathering daily, hoping to be allowed onto a flight. Those who work with the US and its allies, as well as people who have campaigned on issues like human rights, fear they may face reprisals at the hands of the Taliban if they are unable to leave.

What exactly has been happening at the airport gates on Saturday remains unclear.

However, Sky News’ chief correspondent Stuart Ramsay said that people at the front of the crowd of thousands were being “crushed to death”, with British soldiers pulling those in danger from the throng.

He has described it as “the worst day by far”, and said they believed people had died at the scene.


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