One time, US Presidential Candidate Bob Dole, dead at 98

Bob Dole.

Source: REUTERS.

Longtime Republican Senator from Kansas and Republican 1996 Presidential Candidate, Bob Dole, has died at age 98. Bob Dole, overcame grievous World War Two combat wounds to become a pre-eminent figure in U.S. politics.

In a tribute, US President, Joe Biden described the late Bob Dole as an American Statesman, like few in the country’s history.

For some Americans, Bob Dole, ”Lived and breathed Politics his whole life”.

He represented Kansas in Congress for 35 years. Mr. Dole lost the 1996 Presidential Election to the then Democratic incumbent Bill Clinton.

He was the Republican party’s Vice Presidential nominee in 1976 on a ticket headed by then incumbent President Gerald Ford but they lost to Democrat Jimmy Carter.

His family in a statement said, “America has lost one of its heroes.” He has been described as a powerful voice for pragmatic conservatism. Bob Dole, who lost the use of his right arm from a war wound, championed issues of disability and worked to shore up the finances of the Social Security retirement programme.


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