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Africa needs solutions oriented Health Care Systems via Digitalization – Expert asserts at 2nd African Health Harm Reduction Conference

Communities Director, ECH Alliance Group, Andy Bleaden speaking at the Conference

By Rebecca Ekpe

Digitalization of Morocco’s Health Care System positions the patient as the primary focus.

Partners anticipate a full realization of Health reforms in 2024, where in order to safeguard the data of patents, various partnerships have been established with interested entities in the areas of information security and personal data protection.

At the 2nd African Health Harm Reduction Conference in Marrakech, Morocco, another agreement was reached. This was a Memorandum of Understanding between the ECH Alliance, the Global Health Connector and Africa Global Health, and the Communities Director for ECH Alliance Group, Andy Bleaden explains in an interview with that, ‘’this was around ways in which we could collaborate with them to extend the huge connections here outside of Africa to a global network’’.

‘’ So we have a global network of ecosystems,’’ he explains.

‘’From Argentina to Zimbabwe, from Zambia to Australia, what we want to be able to do is connect up more colleagues from Africa, including Ghana and also from other countries like Argentina and Costa Rica’’.

Communities Director, ECH Alliance Group, Andy Bleaden sign MOU with Dr Imane Kendili President, African Global Health

According to experts the solutions to Africa’s Health needs are through connections and building synergies.

‘’Because we want to break down silos, we want to transform healthcare and do things okay so we match need and solution, …….with the work with Africa Global Health, we can work to extend that voice of Africa outside of Africa to a global network because we see opportunities,’’ Mr. Bleaden noted.

Primarily, Morocco’s goal is to secure and enhance the accessibility of medical health care services to citizens, with the aim of producing significant outcomes in a holistic health care delivery. This vision is anticipated as a shared one for the entire African Continent.

Health and Governance:

On the question of governance as in the proper Management of Health Systems in Africa, the Experts explains that in as much as governance is relative, trust in the system remains a constant mechanism in achieving solutions.

‘’What’s important is trust in government, so in healthcare, trust in government is essential’’.

‘’You can go to a place like Finland, as far north as you can go. I was there a couple of weeks ago. And they trust the government, their vaccination rates are high, their exercise and healthy living lifestyle high, their ability to take forward wellbeing programs high. Why? Because they trust the government’’.

‘’You go to countries where they don’t trust the government, such as the UK or the US, vaccination ranks low, trust in governments low, wellbeing programmes low, because people don’t engage. So trust is essential, and governments have to earn that trust, regardless of politics,’’ Mr. Bleaden asserts.

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