Two harrowing experiences shared by two patients of the Covid-19 disease showed how painful it is to be a victim of the disease. There is therefore the need to pray for divine intervention to help Ghana overcome this deadly monster that has plagued this country within the shortest time. I heard the first victim of the disease was interviewed on an Accra-based radio station last week in which he narrated his harrowing condition when he was attacked by the virus.

According to him, he could not recollect how he got the disease but he suspected it might have happened at a function he attended the last time somewhere in Accra. When he returned home that night he could not sleep because of the severe pains all over the body in addition to difficulty in breathing.  He therefore alerted the Covid-19 team operating in Accra who quickly responded and came to his aid.  After receiving first aid from the team, he was rushed to the Adabraka Polyclinic for further treatment.  He said the excruciating pains he went through that night and the period whilst on admission were unbearable.  He said: “My brother, you cannot sleep for even a minute or lie in bed because of the pains. The pain subsides a bit only when you stand, no appetite, loss of smell, severe headache and many more difficult and terrible conditions.”

While thanking the Almighty God for saving his life, he paid special tributes to those doctors and nurses who took greater care of him saying if it was not for those people he would have been dead by now.  He ended his interview by advising Ghanaians to adhere strictly to all the safety protocols put in place by the health authorities.  These include the wearing of face masks, washing and sanitizing of hands, keeping their distance and more importantly staying at home if one does not have any urgent and important assignment in town. Listening to the narration of the patient, one could not help it than to shed tears.

Another scary experience from one of the finest and prominent pastors of high repute, Most Rev. Gabriel Charles Palmer-Buckle, the Metropolitan Archbishop of Cape Coast trended on social media for some time. According to the Vice President of the Ghana Catholic Bishops’ Conference, ‘the revered prelate has spent some time at the Ga East Hospital.  He is therefore calling for prayers for all frontline workers as well as persons battling the virus.  Most Rev Palmer-Buckle is heard saying, “my dear family and friends, today Saturday.  February 6, is my day five at the Ga East Covid-19 Care Centre.  I woke up with a hymn of thanks on my soul, namely hail Queen of Heaven.  As the first Saturday of this month of our Lady of Lourdes, I pray her intercession for all frontline medical personnel at this center offering such commitment to care for us Covid-19 patients of which I am a very privileged one”. The Archbishop admonished that the disease is real and asked all to be religious in their observation of the health protocols, adding that God helps those who help themselves.

From these two emotional observations, it is apparent that the Covid-19 pandemic is not a respecter of persons and that we are all potential victims. No one knows where he can contract this dreadful disease. It can be your home, room, church, office, funeral grounds, parties, and anywhere on this earth. The harrowing and pathetic conditions of these two patients should serve as a wake-up call to each and everyone in our country to embrace the protocols which serve as a stop-gap for acquiring the disease.

Our prayer is that government will provide our health authorities especially the frontline workers with all the necessary resources to perform their humanitarian services to Covid-19 patients in this trying period so that they will not get frustrated in their work. In spite of some losing their lives, they have kept the faith in this difficult assignment. Indeed, they need our prayers in the task ahead.

More grease to their elbows.

By Charles Neequaye, A Journalist.


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