14th October, 2019


As World Standards Day is marked today, the Daily Graphic believes there could be no better time than now to ensure the enforcement of standards in all sectors. It says as a country, Ghana has not done well when it comes to enforcing even the standards that have been generated locally, let alone the global ones that have been adopted. The paper is of the view that, the Ghana Standards Authority, which is tasked with ensuring compliance with standards, must be resourced adequately to enable it to consistently inform the public and industry players. This, the paper also believes will strengthen GSA to enforce standards and bring recalcitrant users to book, while ensuring trust among consumers and facilitating fair commerce.

The Ghanaian Times commends efforts of civil society in ensuring mental health in Ghana. According to the paper, since the Mental Health Act was enacted in 2012, and a new Mental Health Authority set up, it is on record that Ghana has seen progressive increase in the activities of mental health advocacy groups. The Times is of the view that there is more to be done for mental health services in the country and that cannot help in a vacuum. The Times, therefore, urges collaboration between government and civil society to bring about comprehensive changes that would make available free and accessible mental health care in the country. It also commends advocacy groups especially Basic Needs for their outstanding campaign for better mental services in Ghana.

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