The Daily Graphic commends moves by the Ministry of Finance to support Metropolitan, Municipal and District Assemblies (MMDAs) to automate the collection of revenues to increase their Internally Generated Funds (IGF). This is because most MMDAs are unable to raise enough funds for development, and rely on sub-national legislation and the assemblies bye-laws for the management of internally generated revenue. According to the paper, the move by the Finance Ministry will deepen the decentralization process and ensure that MMDAs are more efficient, effective and accountable in the management of revenues collected for development purposes.

The Ghanaian Times describes the swoop by the police in parts of the Central Region where more than 350 alleged criminals were arrested as timely and necessary. According to the paper, such operations are long overdue due to the high crime rate in areas such as Budumburam in Kasoa. The Times calls for a thorough screening of those arrested in the swoop, and hopes that the operations will be sustained to decrease the rate of crimes in the country.

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