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14th September, 2021


The Daily Graphic is of the view that when it comes to food hygiene, the markets from where the foodstuffs and items are procured must be the first place to consider. Nevertheless, most of the markets in the country are laden with filth, a situation which requires urgent attention. The Graphic says, it is very common to find in the markets, some traders sitting next to heaps of refuse selling food items with most buyers oblivious of the inherent danger as they patronize the items. The paper finds it saddening that in the midst of the filth and improper handling of food items on sale to the public, city authorities go round to collect taxes and other levies from the traders, while little is done to ensure clean surroundings. In the light of this troubling spectacle, the Graphic advises the public to shun food items sold under unhygienic conditions.

The Ghanaian Times is elated that following its publication on the abandonment of a multi-purpose facility at the Hodzo Community Senior High School in the Ho Municipality, the Ministry of Education has put together a team of officials from Accra to visit the school on an inspection mission. The excitement of the paper is rooted in the fact that the ministry’s action came less than twenty-four hours after the story emerged. On the other hand, the Times is worried about the abandonment of projects initiated by predecessor administrations, including schools. It finds it mind boggling that it usually has to take the promptings of the media to draw attention to such abandoned facilities, as if District, Municipal and Metropolitan officials of concerned ministries, departments or agencies do not see these problems until they are published.

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