The Daily Graphic is of the opinion Ghana’s security is a shared task. It says efforts by security agencies to fight crime will come to not if citizens do not corporate with them. The paper finds it hard to comprehend why some officers abuse citizens and then turn around to complain that Ghanaians are unwilling to help fight crime. The Graphic opines that in an era of global security threats, it behooves citizens to be vigilant to prevent crime. It says the many instances where the security apparatus seemed to shield their own, but treated the civilian population unfairly has breached the trust between civilians and the police. The paper says trust is key if Ghana is to be kept safe.

The Ghanaian Times makes a clarion call for the eradication of Tuberculosis. It refers to a recent revelation by Head of the Chest Unit of the Korle Bu Teaching Hospital, Dr. Jane Afriyie Mensah who says TB is becoming a serious health hazard in Ghana. The Times is worried that the target of eradicating TB by 2030 in line with the SDGs seem to be unattainable since according to the doctor, 30 to 40 cases of TB are recorded by the hospital daily. It is the hope of the Ghanaian Times that the country will take up TB eradication seriously, so as to achieve its 2030 target of zero TB cases.

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