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15th June, 2021


The Daily Graphic hails the Okyehene’s call for a ban on galamsey. It says the call is timely since the one-year moratorium on small-scale mining will allow for the proper regulation and streamlining of the mining industry. The paper also believes the shutdown of the industry, plagued with complexities and disorderliness, will enable the authorities to properly investigate those who have legitimate licenses for prospecting, reconnaissance, digging and mining. It notes that such investigations will help identify unlicensed mining companies and individuals whose actions have contributed to the needless depletion of the forest cover, pollution of water bodies and destruction of farmlands. The Graphic, therefore, calls on government and other stakeholders to support this worthy cause.

The Ghanaian Times expresses the need for Ghanaians to take part in the donation of blood as the world marked blood Donor Day Yesterday. The Times commends the National Blood Service for being at the forefront of efforts and projects aimed at getting safe blood supplied voluntarily, to bridge the country’s demand gap. The Paper believes blood-contaminated in any form or shape can spell doom for recipients. It expresses worry about the drop in voluntary blood donation from 33 percent in 2019 to 17 percent at the end of 2020 partly due to an outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic. The Times, therefore, appeals to persons who are eligible donors between the ages of 17 to 60 to heed the humanitarian call to donate blood regularly to save lives.

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