THE Ghanaian Times Is disappointed at the turn of events at the University of Education, Winneba. The Paper believes the current impasse is as a result of lack of understanding, mistrust and non-adherence to the rules and regulations governing the University. It notes that if the University Council and other stakeholders had sought reconciliation with all parties in the initial impasse, the situation would have been different today. The Paper however, is thankful that the University Council and other stakeholders are expected to meet today to discuss current happenings in the University. The Times hopes the meeting would resolve all issues so that dismissed staff can be reinstated and the University re-opened for academic and non-academic work.

The Daily Graphic Congratulates the Northern and Ashanti sectors of the Customs Division of the Ghana revenue Authority GRA, on exceeding their revenue targets for 2018. Officials of the Authority disclosed that while the Northern sector exceeded its target by over one hundred and 44 percent, the Ashanti sector exceeded theirs by twelve percent last year. The paper believes the feat by the Northern and Ashanti sectors was attained through hard work and urges them to share their success stories with other sectors so they can be replicated in other areas to reap in more revenue for the state. The Graphic urges government to do all it can to widen the tax net to rope in the informal sector to contribute to the national effort.

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