The Daily Graphic describes as disturbing damage caused to one of the main sewage systems at the Accra Rehabilitation Centre spilling human excreta. The paper says the resultant foul smell with flies hovering around the centre is unfortunate as it has persisted for two months with no solution readily available. The Graphic says apart from the health implications, the situation is also in variance with the President’s vision to make Accra the cleanest city in Africa and therefore unacceptable to look on. It says it is in this view that everything must be done immediately to remedy the situation lest it gets out of hand to induce cholera outbreak.

The Ghanaian Times fully appreciates the worry of President Akufo-Addo and the passion with which he appealed to Ghanaians to support the security agencies to curb illegal activities of smugglers. The paper finds it worrying and shameful that, while government is making strenuous efforts to support farmers in realising the objectives of the Planting For Food and Jobs programme and increase food production, food saboteurs would embark on such adventure. The Times thinks criminal activities of smugglers, may in the long run jeopardise and derail the target set for agricultural production and further deepen the woes of farmers and consumers in the country. The paper urges the security agencies and the courts to severely punish anyone arrested to serve as deterrent to those who may be nursing the similar plans.

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