The Daily Graphic pays tribute to the departed statesman, Kofi Annan. The paper touts his many laurels and accolades, but says the dearest for his compatriots is the title Busumuru, conferred on him by the Asantehene. The Graphic says the late diplomat deserves the rest because he worked hard, lived peacefully and fulfilled his mission to the admiration of all. The paper adds that Kofi Annan served both the world and Ghana in equal measure and his legacies will live on.

The Today Newspaper is concerned about the abuse of people’s rights and freedoms, especially under the current democratic dispensation. It says in any civilised community, it does not lie in the power to terminate the lives of people. The paper wonders what would become of Ghana if any aggrieved person took up arms and went on an extermination mission. The Today Newspaper therefore urges all citizens to respect the law to protect the country’s hard won peace and stability.

The Daily Heritage revisits changes made to Ghana’s educational system by the NPP and NDC. It cites the changes in the Senior Secondary School system from three years to four years, the change in name which took a toll on the national purse and the reversal of the four years to three years. The paper is worried about what it calls the needless politicisation of the educational system and sap continuity is needed for best results. It therefore calls for national education policies to be backed by law and make them binding on all regimes so that the free SHS policy and others will stand the test of time.

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