The Ghanaian Times says it has in its possession a compilation of projects commenced in 2017, which are at various stages of completion including classrooms, and other critical infrastructure needed at Senior High Schools. The projects when completed are expected to supports in eliminating the Double Track systems. The paper is confident that within three years, the Double Track  will be no more in the system. It looks forward to the provision of other social amenities and the recruitment of adequate number of teachers. The paper urges all to support the Ministry of Education to expand access to education at the secondary level.

The Daily Graphic is worried about recent happenings in the country particularly kidnappings involving some Ghanaians and Nigerians. The paper urges the police to be swift in dealing with lawless individuals who may want to take the law into their hands to tarnish the flourishing relations between Ghana and Nigeria. It also advises the media to be circumspect in their reportage of crime to avoid any stereotyping that will put foreign nationals in bad light.

The Daily Heritage asks government to check shortchanges in the public sector of the country. The paper calls for a total change to ensure that people earn money genuinely without adopting dubious means because there are hands to protect them due to their political affiliations.

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