The Daily Graphic finds it mind-boggling the difficulty of political parties to declare their source of funding. The paper says lack of transparency in campaign financing and the absence of support for political parties have created opportunities for all manner of persons and foreigners to participate in the governance process. The Graphic challenges political parties to lead by example through accountability, to command confidence in the people by entrusting the nation’s resources into their care. It charges the EC together with security agencies to enforce the Electoral Commission and Political Parties Acts 451 and 547.

The Ghanaian Times describes as welcoming, the partnership between government and the Global Plastics Action Partners (GPAP) to tackle the plastic waste menace in the country, which would focus on single-use plastics which are creating a lot of problems for the environment. The Paper is happy that government has hinted of measures it intends taking to ensure that plastic use in the country is done in a manner that will be sustainable and not disruptive to the country. The Times welcomes the initiative and applauds government and its partners for the steps taken that have been described as ”the most powerful and concerted global efforts to address the plastic wastes challenge.” It calls on the partners and the public to cooperate with the agencies mandated to lead this initiative.

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