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8th September, 2021


The Ghanaian Times commends government particularly the Minister of Roads and Highways for living up to the promise of fixing the Wa-Nadowli-Jirapa road that was destroyed by floods in record time. It says this is a clear departure from populist politics where politicians give a lot of sugar-coated promises but leave the people to wonder whether they heard the promises in a dream or real world. The Times notes that since not everyone can gain employment from government or directly benefit from it financially as individuals, such actions are in the collective interest and make them feel receiving part of the national cake. The paper hopes government would continue to apply urgency to the provision of the needs of the people, for it is only through such act that the people would see it as caring for them.


The Daily Graphic expresses the need for an urgent and strategic solution to overcoming the unemployment conundrum the country is battling with. It is in this regard that the paper says relevant, appropriate and quality technical education is paramount if Ghana wants to equip its youth with the required technical and vocational skills that will enable them to become employable and also start their own businesses. The paper says the country has shown its commitment to technical education and skills development by investing more than 3 billion cedis in technical institutions last year for the provision of laboratories and also devoting 60 million cedis as seed money for the repackaging of the skills Development Fund. The Graphic says there is the need to keep pushing even more to institutionalize skills development in the country for sustained job creation. The paper says it knows the national kitty is overstretched, and therefore, policy makers must constructively think through funding options to pool more resources for the effort.

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