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24th July, 2021


The Daily Graphic expresses worry about the future of Ghana Football. The paper acknowledges that match-fixing and betting are endemic to domestic leagues and common among local football circles, but stressed the need to purge Ghana Football of corruption and redeem its sinking image for the benefit of all and sundry. It charges Ghanaians to join forces with the Ghana Football Association and Security Forces to tackle the issue and volunteer information that will expose the faceless enemies of local games to serve as a deterrent to others.

The Ghanaian Times lauds the Ministry of Food and Agriculture for allaying public fear over the outbreak of the avian bird flu in the country. It commends the ministry for working assiduously with the Veterinary Services Directorate to minimize and contain the outbreak of the virus. The paper says even though the outbreak of the virus is likely to affect Government’s Rearing for Food and Jobs programme, it believes with the assurance given by the Ministry of Food and Agriculture and its collaborators, the virus will be contained to bring things back to normalcy.

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