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28th August, 2021


The Daily Graphic focuses its editorial on preventing extremism for sustainable development. It is says the chairperson of the National Peace Council, NPC, Rev. Dr. Ernest Adu-Adu Gyamfi at a workshop as part of the efforts to promote peacebuilding and facilitating social cohesion spoke of the need for its regional representatives to play their part as first stakeholders in resolving domestic conflicts which serves as a fertile ground for violence and extremism. The paper says the NPC must be supported in such strides adding it expects other institutions to complement its efforts. The Graphic challenges government to work consciously towards employment opportunities for the youth through skills and vocational training as well as expand economic programmes geared towards job creation since it is a risk factor to violent extremism.

The Ghanaian Times draws attention to some issues related to the Pokuase Interchange, which says when addressed can be replicated anywhere in the country to check indiscipline on Ghanaian roads. To the paper, a major concern in maintaining discipline on the Pokuase interchange is check misbehavior of drivers. It says it is worrying that although there are lorry stations and bus stops around some drivers refuse to use them and instead park and load at unauthorized places. It says such practice causes serious obstruction and results in traffic jams in the area rendering the interchange not serving its purpose. The Times says such driver misbehavior must be exploited for revenue generation by the assemblies.

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