The Daily Graphic says the country has not made any concrete effort to find lasting solutions to the flooding situation in Accra, for which reason the people are still faced with the annual ritual of floods any time it rains. The paper finds it sad, that the rains bring in their wake death, injuries and loss of property in the capital. Without mincing words, the Graphic believes it has taken the country too long to find permanent remedies to the flooding issue and blames it on ineffective waste management and weak enforcement of laws. It therefore calls on leaders to stop the lip service and work hard to ensure that laws are enforced in the effective management of the city to prevent people from doing the wrong things and endangering people’s lives when it rains.

The Ghanaian Times is saddened at reports that youths in some political parties have acquired the notoriety of attacking duly appointed officials and taking the law into their hands to do what they want. Recalling attempts by some youths in the New Patriotic Party (NPP) in Krachi West in the Oti region to remove the DCE and cases of youths locking out DCEs lawfully appointed by the President. The paper believes under no circumstances should citizens rise up in the manner they did to remove appointed officials from office. The Times admits that DCEs might not be faultless and may have had some shortcomings but this does not warrant violence as a way of resolving the issue. It therefore urges the youth to seek lawful means of dealing with such challenges and ensure the rule of law is respected.

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