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3rd September, 2021


The Daily Graphic says it is time gross indiscipline in the country is nipped in the bud. Considering the viral video of a man and woman literally operating a chop bar at the newly constructed and opened Pokuase four-tier interchange, the paper says it is at a loss by such act. While the Graphic is glad that the illegality has since been halted with the arrest and caution of the father and his daughter, operators of the eatery, who saw nothing wrong with starting a chop bar right at the interchange, it is equally dismayed that people actually patronized the eatery while it was in operation despite its location being distasteful. The paper says it is more worrying that well-meaning Ghanaians who when such illegalities begin, call on the authorities to ensure that the right thing is done are tagged know-it-all. The Graphic therefore lauds the Greater Accra Regional Minister’s ‘Let’s make Accra work’ initiative but says he alone cannot do it all. The paper notes that many metropolitan, municipal and district chief executives are sleeping on the job, the reason it supports the recommendation that when MMDCEs are appointed they must be given six month renewable contracts so that when they fail to perform, they are removed from office.


”There must be sanity in the Public Land Sector” is how the Ghanaian Times captions its editorial. The paper believes that something has gone wrong for which President Akufo Addo has urged government institutions to stop the sale of public lands with immediate effect when he  inaugurated the Board of the Lands Commission this week. It is the hope of the paper that the misdeeds or corruption in the Public Land Sector would be rigorously checked, so that even if it is possible, the Law will be used by the state to repossess State Lands acquired through underhand dealing.

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