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Editorials: 11th August, 2021


DAILY GRAPHIC: Refocusing attention on the job matter again, the World Bank estimates Ghana’s unemployment rate among the youth at 12 percent (1.3 million). Alarmingly, about 50 percent of the youth population in Ghana are regarded as underemployed (5.4 million). Looking at the grim statistics, it is only logical to say that job creation should be at the core of Ghana’s economic planning strategy, in the face of the current high level of unemployment. Clearly, we cannot wish for job creation; it must not be an outcome. Our human capital development must be channeled into and directed at economic growth. Even though the economy has achieved some level of success, there is more to do in terms of job creation and reducing unemployment levels. The Daily Graphic believes that the challenge for Ghana is not the absence of good policies but the will and discipline to implement them to achieve the targeted goals. Indeed, it is an issue that will be the forefront of our national discourse. The future of our young people and their livelihoods are of utmost importance to us as a nation and we must not allow ourselves to be distracted.

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