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Editorials: August 18, 2021


THE DAILY GRAPHIC: says collective effort is required to stem pirate attacks in the country. It says although the spate of pirate attacks and the level of physical violence against seafarers have increased in recent years, no collective response has been forthcoming to prevent or effectively eliminate the threat. The paper says fighting piracy in the Gulf of Guinea is essential, adding that, an integrated multi-dimensional approach to strengthen maritime security must be applied. The Graphic says to stem the tide of attacks there must be more deliberate cross-cutting efforts.

THE GHANAIAN TIMES: says there should be no delay or excuse in fixing the ravages of floods in the Upper West Region. The paper is happy that the Roads Minister, Kwasi Amoako-Attah, officials of the Regional Coordinating Council, Ghana Highway Authority, and NADMO toured the affected areas because they are major stakeholders in offering relief to the affected people. The Times says NADMO in particular should give the people whatever they deserve for it is an open secret that such incidents are exploited by some of its officials to divert relief items either for their own use or sell them and pocket the money. The Ghana Highway, it says should do well to ensure the best of supervision, in order not to give any contractor the opportunity to compromise quality and durability.

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