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Editorials: August 2, 2021


THE DAILY GRAPHIC finds the choice of the Finance Minister to stay within the 2021 appropriation for the first time since 2017 welcoming, in view of the fiscal deficit which government has vowed to reduce overtime to restore full confidence in the economy. The paper says what it finds refreshing again is the announcement that the government was not going to introduce new taxes and impose additional levies on the people. This it says is important because many, including economic watchers, had earlier warned that any attempt by government to increase or introduce new taxes would be an overkill and raise the cost of living in the country even higher than it is presently. The Times is confident that given the policies put in place and the determination of government to stay within its means, it will be in a better position to meet the revenue targets at the end of the year.

THE GHANAIAN TIMES congratulates former IGP James Oppong-Boanuh, and the former Director-General of the Ghana Prisons Service, Darko-Missah on their dedication and long service in the Security Service. The Paper says a ceremony, which was held at the Police Training School at Tesano in Accra to pull Mr. Oppong-Boanuh out of the Service saw Police personnel with placards with inscriptions “Thank you, Mr. IGP” and “Well done, Sir“, speaks volumes of him with regards to his professional traits and roles. The Times said even though, no formal ceremony involving Mr. Darko-Missah has been reported, there is no doubt he would have similar compliments. It says both men have worked over three decades for their respective institutions and this gives the impression that they share some traits that helped them to surmount challenges associated with the various roles they have ever played. The Times hopes they would be even more useful to their family and society during retirement.

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