Editorials: August 25, 2021


GHANAIAN TIMES: is worried that since 1999, the story of the Bagre dam spillage and the Associated devastation has not changed. The paper wonders what the state is doing to resolve this challenge. The Ghanaian Times noted that communities usually affected the spillage constitute important food basket whose the devastation undermines the food security of the whole country because a lot of foods stuff such as yams, legumes, grains and many livestock comes from the northern regions of the country. The paper also indicated that once livelihoods are destroyed, unemployment increases which has adverse impact on society. The paper, therefore, calls on the state as a matter of urgency do more than the one-off donations of foods and other items NADMO gives to the people which includes, fixing the flooding associated with the spillage of the Bagre Dam to save lives, properties and livelihoods as well as cash at home.

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