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Editorials: August 4, 2021


The DAILY GRAPHIC is exceptionally encouraged by the meeting between Cote Dvoire’s two major political rivals, former President Gbagbo and President Ouattara to discuss matters of national interest and reconcile their differences for the common good. It believes Africans must put aside their differences and pettiness to help reach the level of their counterparts in the developed world. The paper, therefore, calls on President Ouattara and former President Gbagbo to commit themselves to the show of unity displayed and portray to the world that they mean business. For former President Gbagbo, the paper says many would look up to him to demonstrate that his meeting with President Ouattara was no fluke. The Graphic, therefore, urges West African leaders to learn from this and begin to work with their political opponents in the interest of their people.

The GHANAIAN TIMES discusses activities of quack medical practitioners and their effect on the public. The paper notes that their illegal activities have led to the death, destruction and maiming of unsuspecting victims. The Times believes for the public to differentiate between genuine and quack health facilities there should be a symbol that cannot be faked by the quack and something which even the worst of the ignorant can use to flee quacks. The paper calls on the Medical and Dental Council and government to adopt all means to frustrate and curtail the activities of these quacks to save lives.

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