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Editorials: July 14, 2021


The Daily Graphic speaks about the deliberate policies needed to maximise the country’s potential. It emphasises the fact that Ghana is endowed with amazing tourists sites but lacks the needed investment to boost the sector. The paper says it is unfortunate some tourist sites do not even have computers to take records of those who patronize their facilities. The Graphic says the right mechanisms need to be put in place to ensure that this sector is not scuttled. It, therefore, calls on the Ministry of Tourism, Arts and Culture to cooperate with all other agencies and its representatives across the country to help in funding tourism projects.

The Ghanaian Times says firefighting in the country should not be undermined and that there are equipment that the Ghana National fire service needs to contain fires in the country and after all the needed equipment have been secured, water becomes the most important ingredient needed to quench fires. However, the service has come out that only a little more than half of its hydrants are functional whereas some have been covered with unauthorized structures. The paper says the Fire Service is confronted with a sad situation in firefighting and it is even disheartening that the MMDAs are sleeping on their mandates. The Ghanaian Times, therefore, calls on Government, stakeholders and the Fire Service itself to do the best they can to save the situation because the social and economic impacts of fires on the individuals and the state are dire.

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