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Editorials: July 30, 2021


The DAILY GRAPHIC: expresses worry over the growing fatigue following a global surge in a third wave of the pandemic. According to the Paper, it is a perfect time to renew public communication and build on the many supportive messages that seek to correct the misinformation that Covid-19 is a myth. The Paper says there are signs that citizens perception is weakening which is influencing the unwillingness to adopt preventive behaviour in Ghana. The Graphic urges citizens to continue to focus on the 3Ws, which are the Wearing of masks, washing of hands and watching distance while cautioning Ghanaians not to behave as if the emergence of the third wave is a way of life.

The Ghanaian Times: reflects on the Mid-Year Review Budget and points out the significance of government to prioritise its plans in order to ease hardship. The paper sides with government that the Covid-19 pandemic has ravaged certain economic activities and killed countless livelihoods. It also applauds government for its plans to support women as pointed out by the Finance Minister. The Times encourages government to ensure that all Programmes, plans and strategies are sustained to make life more comfortable for the ordinary Ghanaian.

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