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Editorials: June 21, 2021


The Ghanaian Times takes a look at Father’s Day which was marked on Sunday, June 20.  It highlights the significant roles fathers play in the welfare and upbringing of their children and families in general. The paper notes that though the day is celebrated to honour fatherhood and their influence in society, it is usually on the low key as compared to Mother’s Day. It says Father’s Day does not usually get the publicity it deserves because children are mostly attached to their mothers from birth and this deepens the emotional connection between mother and child, unlike the father. The paper, however, says it is about time fathers who neglect their responsibilities towards their families desisted from such backward behaviour since it is tarnishing the good image of the father-figure in society.

The Daily Graphic welcomes the call by the Speaker of Parliament, Alban Bagbin, for mutual respect between Parliament and the Judiciary in the discharge of their respective duties. Citing scenarios depicting breaches of the constitution by both institutions, the paper is of the view that the relationship between these two pillars of the country’s democracy cannot be taken for granted, hence the need for them to co-operate and work together. The graphic says it expects MPs to accord members of the Judiciary the utmost respect as the Judiciary also follows due processes in serving MPs with any court summons.

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