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July 21, 2021


The Ghanaian Times appeals to stakeholders both state and private sector players and even capable families to support President Akufo Addo to realize his vision of addressing youth unemployment. It says the initiative by the President to provide one million jobs for the youth in the country in the next three years must be treated as a special case and made to succeed at all cost. The Times says conscious and deliberate efforts must be made to address youth unemployment going forward. One way to address this, the paper says is to empower the youth with the knowledge and skills that are needed in the current scheme of things of industry. Another is to run civic education for the citizenry to respect all manner of jobs and not have the slightest reason to demean even those ones which they themselves would not like to take up. In all these, the paper says control of rapid population growth is key. With such measures, The Ghanaian Times believes youth unemployment and unemployment in general could be drastically reduced if not completely eradicated.

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