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The Second Coming of Nkrumah – A Latif Abubakar Play

A Latif Abubakar Play

By Vivian Amoah

At the 3rd African Media Convention Declaration and Official Close, which took place at the Accra International Conference Center on the 17th of May, 2024, Latif Abubakar who is a Playwright and the Chief Executive Officer of Globe Productions showcased a very educating and inspiring drama and that spoke a lot about Africa.

“So the play is supposed to champion economic emancipation. Right now, we know that Africans, then 50 years ago, we were fighting for political freedoms. We achieved the political independence. Now, 50 years after, what is our biggest Challenge? We feel that our biggest Challenge is the fact that we are not economically Free”, Latif explained in an interview.

He said theater is a point of contact for reorientation.

“Therefore, we are using theater, arts, and culture to champion the economic emancipation of course that Africa needs now”.

“And that is the excellence. So we put together a play, which is being led by the founder of the foundation of freedom on the African continent. That’s the foundation of political freedoms, which is Kwame Nkrumah.

Latif explained the significance of the performance.

“The play stated on the note of the second cabinet of Nkrumah because we are calling on the soul of Kwame Nkrumah to come back and to come and inspire us as Africans to lead the course towards the economic freedom, because he actually inspired us in leading the course of political freedom”.

Furthermore, the agenda is to achieve economic freedom, through Unity.

“So we are calling on our founding fathers, which is in Nkrumah, which is Lumumba, Dumbo, which is Nelson Mandela, Haile Selassie, the quality and all these funding fathers to come back, and inspire us as Africans currently to help us achieve economic emancipation”, Latif Abubakar explained.

He answered the question on what the “Second Coming of Nkrumah” seeks to achieve.

“It’s basically to reorient our mind to begin thinking about when are we going to achieve economic in my space? Our fathers fought for us, for finance, fought for us, and he held us a cheap political emancipation. Now, our point is, are we going to also fight for our lives to achieve economic emancipation?, the Playwright noted.

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