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Akua Akyere Memorial Choir holds third edition of ‘Efritete’ concert


The third edition of a musical concert by the Akua Akyere Memorial Youth Choir took place at the Light House Chapel International, Cornerstone Cathedral in Tema.

The concert is aimed at bridging the gap between the older and younger generations in terms of the genres of music over the years.

The concert, dubbed ‘Efritete’, to wit, ‘It originated from the oldies’, received massive patronage from music lovers.

Speaking to the media, Mr Solomon Love Convenat, the Technical Music Director and PRO for the Akua Akyere Memorial Youth Choir, posited that the idea of creating this concept is premised on the fact that the ideas of the older generation are still relevant today.

He said the old religion was a good thing and important to our way of life today.

Solomon Love Convenat.

Again, he expressed his belief that this concert has the propensity to sell Ghanaian cultural values to the outside world, and every individual should make it a point to project the good things about the country.

Finally, he advised the youth to love what is Ghanaian. He said though the country has its own challenges, the young person should focus on the strength and maximise it to the benefit of the country. 

He further admonished the older generation not to forsake the religion of the old, which should be preserved for the younger ones.

The supporting technical director for the group, Helen Kai Mensah, expressed her satisfaction with how the group has grown so far, considering the challenges they have gone through to attain this feat.

Helen Kai Mensah.

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