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I am the online coach of the Black Stars, Sonnie Badu jokingly said

Black Stars

By Nana Kwame Bediako

The Black Stars have been a big part of some topics when it comes to drawing out issues bothering the country. The reluctance and lack of passion from the players have got the country talking.

In a discussion on the Breakfast Show on GTV, Renowned Multiple Award Winning Gospel Musician, Sonnie Badu disclosed that, confidence is very important in everything we do and also understanding the power of teamwork and unity. He added that, once this is taken into consideration we will move forward.

In relation to teamwork, Sonnie Badu devilled into the recent form of The Black Stars of Ghana, citing the lack of teamwork among the players as the reason for their poor performances. He touted himself as the online or digital Coach for the team with his followership on discussions that surround the team.

He added that it is important for people to regard smaller countries and the efforts they put into their work and stop undermining them because of the history they carry. He also maintained that, the past players of Ghana played together as local players for so many years unlike our current players.

Mr. Badu further added that, the boys need time to bond and have fun. He said they need more old players to enlighten them on the history behind putting on The Black Stars Jersey and the significance of the numbers they represent.

“The problem here is, most of the young ones grew up in Europe which doesn’t guarantee them the feel of the real team spirit within the Black Stars. They hear of the Black Stars but don’t know of the Black Stars,” said Sonnie Badu.

He added that, Senegal 92 was a true statement of patriotism from The Black Stars, with the likes of Edwin Ansah and Abedi Pale representing the country with passion. He enumerated once again that, the current Black Stars team needs a psychologist to take them through their highs and lows in the game.

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