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The musical journey of Selasie Brown

Selasie Brown
Selasie Brown

By: Rebecca Sedinam Affor

Musician Selasie Brown made it known on the GTV Breakfast Show with Valerie Danso that she has been engaged in commercial music for the past three years She stated that “I was officially signed unto it on November 11, 2022.”

She added that she is passionate about winning souls for Christ through music and she is a woman of God.

“I was bedridden for one and half years with lymphedema and am her today because God healed me”, she proclaimed.
When asked who or what inspires her? She said.
“I am inspired by the Holy Spirit and the happenings of life, especially my life experiences”.

Miss Brown added that this is the reason, she is motivated to inspire people through music to let them appreciate and believe they can be more than they think they are.

“The journey has not been easy but with the help of God, loved ones who believes,rally behind me have been a great help and support to Me”

This she said when asked how the musical journey has been so far.

Miss Brown’s final words was an encouragement to people in difficult and dark moments not to give up because their life experience is a living testimony to people who may be modeling them.

Watch the full interview below;

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