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Men Are Now Cooking Because of Me- Sweet Adjeley

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Sweet Adjeley, Ghanaian food blogger

By: Roberta Gayode Modin

In a Ghanaian setting where cooking is perceived to be the role often for females, Popular Food Vlogger, Mclean Naa Adjeley popularly known as Sweet Adjeley adds to the list of people who are changing the narrative as she expressed her contentment for inspiring more men to cook.

According to her, it excites her when men patronize her content.

“Now I have a lot of men, they are not the number one women are still following me more. But the men, it warms me because they leave their moms and they travel out and they are cooking because of me” Sweet Adjeley disclosed on the GTV Breakfast Show while talking down her journey to becoming a successful Youtuber.

The talented blogger whose dream was to become a chief chef landed her successful job as a Youtuber after a family friend advised her to make videos on Youtube making her the second Ghanaian vlogger to hit a million subscribers.

“Social media, I didn’t know anything about it, I was pregnant with my daughter who is now 14, that’s how I found out about it”. She explained.

She advised upcoming content creators to be unique in their creativity.
“I’m being myself, so I think it’s the key, just be yourself”.

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