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David Dontoh stars in American TV series ‘Snowfall’

Photo Credit: (Snowfall FX)

By: Seli Baisie

Renowned Ghanaian Actor David Dontoh has been featured in season six of the American crime drama television series Snowfall, which was filmed in Ghana.

The series revolves around the first crack cocaine epidemic and its impact on Los Angeles in the 1980s.

“FX’s Acclaimed Crime Drama Snowfall premiered in 2017.
The TV series was well-received by both audiences and critics, and its fourth and fifth seasons were highly rated, so Snowfall has been renewed for a sixth season with some scenes shot in Ghana.

Snowfall’s Twitter page shared photos yesterday, March 6, featuring Veteran Actor, David Dontor Alongside Lead Characters Leo and Wanda, Teasing Fans for What’s to Come in the Series.

In the sixth and final season of “Snowfall” on FX, chaos and violence run rampant throughout L.A. as the Saint family is at odds. However, amidst the turmoil of a drug war, Leon (Isaiah John) and Wanda (Gail Bean) find a moment of peace.

In the opening scene of Episode 3 titled “Door of No Return,” Leon and Wanda are seen walking the streets of Ghana, dressed in unusual attire, as they contemplate whether to return to their home in a war-torn zone or build a new life in Africa. Season 5 ended with the couple deciding to run away to Africa.

During their spiritual and informational journey, Leon and Wanda confront the harsh realities of the Black experience during the slave trade. They also acknowledge their role as drug dealers/consumers in the creation of America’s crack epidemic, leading them to question the damage they have caused.

Ultimately, they decide to return home and make amends for the harm they have inflicted. Before leaving their Ghanaian sanctuary, Leon and Wanda hold an impromptu wedding ceremony on a beautiful African beach, symbolizing their union before they face the violence and turmoil of South Central L.A.’s drug game.

The sweet and surprising scene provides the couple with their final moments of peace before returning to the dangerous world they left behind.

‘Snowfall’ airs on Wednesdays 10pm on FX, and is available for streaming on Hulu.

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