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Demzy is not my boyfriend; We have a strong bond- Endurance Grand


By Nana Ama Gyapong 

Endurance Grand, a member of one of the famous dance groups in Ghana, DWP academy has defined her relationship with her colleague dancer and friend Demzy Baye as just being on a friendship level.

She made this revelation in an interview on GTV’s breakfast show with host Valerie Danso. 

According to Endurance Grand, “Demzy is not my boyfriend, but we have actually known each other for close to ten years, so that bond is there. There are certain things I don’t have to say, but Demzy gets it, and we are cool like that, but it is people we don’t know who are trying to ship us and force to get married. They have even printed wedding invitation cards for us,” she concluded.

Endurance Grand and Demzy are both incredibly talented dancers who bring a unique flavour to the dance scene.

Endurance’s energetic moves and storytelling through dance captivate audiences, while Demzy’s graceful and fluid style adds a touch of elegance to their performances.

Together, they create a dynamic and captivating dance experience that leaves a lasting impression on all who watch them, hence the reason for the speculation about their dating rumours. 

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