Drumming and noise making lifted in Osu

The restriction on drumming and creating noise has been removed in the Osu Traditional Area, with a plea for peace and harmony among the people for progress.

After the usual procedure to admit him into the Osu shrine and lift the prohibition as a precursor to the Homowo Festival was done, Nii Nortey Adumuah Osiahene IV of Osu made the call.

He urged locals to soften their hearts and participate in the peacebuilding process so that the town might be listed among its peers in terms of growth.

He stated, “I will make certain that every Osu person is involved in the project from beginning to end, and that everyone should be prepared to labor until we reach our goal.”

The Kinkawe, Osu Ashanti, and others have all joined together to execute the traditional ceremonies for the Dzaase (kingmakers) and the Osiahene, according to Nii Adumuah Osiahene.

“We are going forward, and we are asking God and our ancestors for blessings and mercies so that we may work together to construct Osu to everyone’s satisfaction,” he stated.


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