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Rich cultural heritage of Ga Dangmes on display


By Gifty Adjei

This past weekend, Katamanso in the Greater Accra region witnessed a vibrant celebration which was filled with cultural pomp and pageantry. 

The event featured an array of activities showcasing the rich cultural heritage of the Ga-Dangbes.  

Addressing his subjects, the chief of Katamanso, Tatse Nii Larye Akuetteh, vowed to serve his people diligently and uplift the image of Katamanso, emphasising his commitment to addressing the challenges of the community.

The Katamanso Palace was a spectacle of tradition and celebration as Tatse Nii Larye Akutteh, formerly known as Nii Larye Afotey Agbo, transitioned into his new role as Katamanso mantse.

The event followed three days of intense traditional rites, solidifying his position according to Ga Chieftaincy traditions. 

Tatse Nii Larye Akutteh, who previously served as the Minister of the Greater Accra Region and a three-time Member of Parliament for the Kpone Katamanso Constituency, took a solemn oath to the kingmakers of the Adjin-we of Nungua and Katamanso. He pledged to work tirelessly in the interest of his people and to elevate the status of Katamanso, a place renowned for its historical 1826 war with the Ashantis.

The Ga Mantse, Nii Tackie Teiko Tsuru in his address, emphasized the importance of unity among the Ga people, a sentiment echoed by many during the ceremony.

Also in attendance was the Greater Accra Regional Minister, who expressed his best wishes for the new chief and assured the residents of Katamanso of the government’s continued support.

Excitement and joy filled the air as residents and well-wishers expressed their congratulations to Tatse Nii Larye Akutteh, hoping for a prosperous tenure under his leadership.

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