It took a while for my father to accept my music career – Kwaisey Pee

It took a while for my father to accept my music career - Kwaisey Pee
By: Benedicta Konadu

Ghana’s Popular Highlife Musician, Kwasi Opoku Addae, known by the stage name as Kwaisey Pee has revealed on the GTV Breakfast Show that his father, Agyeiku, who was a Legendary Highlife Musician did not want him to do music.
According to him, unlike other parents who did not want their children to play football, his Father wanted him to play football even though most of his family members were into music.
“I grew up in a music family, you know. I have a cousin who is a musician, I have a brother who is a musician, my father, who is a musician so that is where I started from. So my father was, yeah because he didn’t expect me to do music. He was expecting me to be a footballer. Yeah, it was so shocking…people didn’t like their kids to play football but my dad wanted me to”, he said.
The ‘Me hia odo’ Hitmaker revealed how he diverted from playing football to music.
“So it got to a point my father needed someone to be a copyright singer. I don’t know if you understand the word copyright. Back in the days we called it sole singer. You know you need to learn different songs. The band understands what I am saying. So the copyright thing, you learn different songs, all the popular songs. Let’s say if a song comes out tomorrow and it’s a hit, you need to learn how to sing it because you have gigs. dad needed one”.
“They tried to interview a couple of them to do auditions to see if they will get one and they couldn’t. And one of the leaders of the band said father but your son can sing. Then my father said no, he will play football. And they were like no, let’s try. So they started with three songs which at that time, I could like sing it well ‘, “.
“I think it took a month and a half for my dad to accept it.”
“I think it was that leader who pushed me into it. He made me change my mind from playing football to music…I know my dad was not happy about me switching and all that. But then at some point he had to accept it because he needed someone to be in the position”, he added.

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