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Kafui Dey produces new banger, ‘Something Something’

Kafui Dey

By: Roberta Gayode Modin

In the vibrant and dynamic Ghanaian media, one name stands out for his exceptional talent, versatility, and passion – Kafui Dey.

Known for his captivating presence on screen and his ability to connect with audiences, Kafui Dey has carved a remarkable path in the field of broadcast journalism. But there is another dimension to his already illustrious career – music.

With his new production, “Something Something” by Korzai, Kafui Dey unveiled his talent not only as a journalist but also as a creative artiste.  

This interesting song delves deep into the everyday struggles of life, delivering its powerful message through simple yet impactful lyrics that resonate with listeners.

Before his latest release, Kafui Dey showed his skill in music with his two releases, “Everyday and Election Time,” under the stage name Zagunor – to mean a master drummer in the Ewe language in 2008.

 It is the intersection of his love for music and his journalistic prowess that sets Kafui Dey apart. 

With “Something Something,” he demonstrates his ability to express himself through the universal language of music. 

This captivating track not only showcases his vocal abilities but also highlights his talent for crafting compelling lyrics that evoke emotions and inspire listeners.

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