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'Katy Perry swears wearing Balmain'


Last night saw both the Grammy Awards and the Baftas, which meant there was a proverbial cacophony of red carpet wonders to slurp up and digest.

Some moments were a little harder on the system than others, though, such as Katy Perry’s candy pink Balmain gown that has divided punters in the aftermath of its debut.

Let’s get one thing clear – Katy, 34, came to slay, there’s no play about it. But…the internet has some thoughts on just what she was wearing as she entered the shindig.

As always, such internet punditry comes with a sassy side of irony, armchair critique and lols.

From the character that covers those ~unsightly~ toilet rolls, to the Barbie that sits atop a kidlet’s birthday cake, the comparisons of Katy’s dress – which sported a strapless bustier teamed with a curiously fanned-out skirt, like some tissue paper concertina – came in thick and fast as she made her way down the Staples Center red carpet on Sunday.

The Firework singer uploaded a fierce shot of herself on the red carpet, simply captioned: ‘Balmain’.

Guess she really wanted to make it clear she was wearing some pretty high fashion haute couture, should anyone be confused as to who designed the thing.

Followers weren’t sold.

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