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Ghanaian launches App to translate Ghanaian languages

Paul Azunre.

The Outlandish North-to-South Experience Concert has taken place at Alliance Francaise, Accra, to bring artistes from the Northern part of Ghana for an experience of their lifetime.

The concert was also used as an avenue to introduce a new technology developed by a Ghanaian to translate Ghanaian languages into other understandable dialects.

Speaking to the media, Paul Azunre, an engineer and artiste, who works in the field of artificial intelligence (AI), explained that the concert was held to help promote the App, Kaya, which can serve as Google Translate for Ghanaian languages.

He stated that the choice of using musical concert to push this idea is premised on the fact that both language and music are important to our culture as people.

He added that AI is the technology the world will live on in the future and encouraged Ghanaians to embrace it.

He continued that the new app, Kaya, is beneficial to language development in Ghana. He said the technology can teach how to read and write Ghanaian languages and translate to other languages as well.

He advised that infrastructure and systems must be put in place as a nation. This, he said, will reduce the risk of using the technology by preventing exploitation and influx by aliens.

He said he and his team are working hard to improve the technology by adding more features to the app. He said this makes the future very bright for users of the technology.

He used the occasion to advise young people and lovers of technology. He said that though the future is bright, as indicated earlier, he thinks it will be possible when they size up the moments now and work on them. He said working on something consistently will help reach the target in due time.

He concluded that up-and-coming artists should take criticism, but it should not weigh them down.

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