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Kuami Eugene to entertain hundreds of Ghanaians visiting Dubai


Celebrated highlife Ghanaian musician Kwame Eugeni would leave Ghana to Dubai on Wednesday following a deal the company he represents (Lynx Entertainment) secured with Adansi Travels, a tour operator in Ghana.

The contract requires the multiple award-winning musician, to doll out his usual outstanding performances by entertaining Ghanaian fans visiting Dubai on the ticket of Adansi Travels as part of the company’s eight-anniversary celebration.

The artist will perform at Desert Safari where thousands of tourists including Ghanaians would gather for dinner.

Organizers of the show anticipate that the Dubai trip could catapult the Fadama boy up the Global ladder as many tourists around the world visiting the Safari would catch a glimpse and have a feel of his soothing voice as he mounts the stage to entertain the crowd.

At least, a total of six hundred and sixty-five (665) Ghanaians have been scheduled to visit parts of the world through “The Power of 8” tour promotion, an initiative of Adansi Travels Limited.

The tour package was launched in April 2021 in Accra. As part of the 8th Anniversary of the company, series of events have been lined up, and that includes the Dubai tour.

Speaking in an interview with journalists before departure, Managing Director of Adansi Travels, Mr Gideon Asare said “Even though the total number falls short of the targeted 800 people, the team at Adansi is very excited about the turnout and wishes to thank all who have been supporting this initiative.

“It is noteworthy to mention that all those visiting Dubai as part of this initiative, would get the opportunity to enjoy authentic Ghanaian highlife musical performance from Kuami Eugene, the VGMA Highlife Artiste of 2021,” he said.

The power of 8 tours kicked off on Sunday, August 8, 2021, with 3 flights departing from Ghana, having over 130 passengers from the power of eight. The flights included Ethiopian Airline, Rwandair, and Emirates.

Among the countries, all the outbound Ghanaian tourists would visit are Dubai, Kenya,  Maldives, and parts of Europe.

In all, Adansi Travels is expecting about 500 people to visit Dubai, Nairobi, Kigali, and Addis Ababa, but in Dubai,  they would be treated to the powerful musical concert with Kwami Eugene at the helm of affairs.

Whereas 130 people would visit Europe whilst 35 people would visit Maldives.

Mr Asare said they are doing their possible best to market the tourism potential of Ghana across the globe and the best example they could easily employ to do this, was to make “The Year of Return initiative” an example in marketing Ghana.

With a masterstroke, Adansi Travels is poised to promote Ghana with more than 600 Ghanaian ambassadors leaving the shores of Ghana as they travel around the world.

As they export Ghanaian music abroad, it may eventually drive traffic back to the country and boost the inbound tourism in Ghana.

The company has also eulogized  Lynx Entertainment for its partnership and support to make this happen. Happy 8th Anniversary to Adansi Travels” Asare added.

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