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Quick Action speaks on current situation of Okomfo Kwadee


Ghanaian music producer Joseph Appiah Keys, known as Quick Action, has weighed in on the recent public concern surrounding the well-being of respected musician Okomfo Kwadee.

Amidst growing social media alarm over videos showing Kwadee in a troubling state, Quick Action emphasised that the musician’s circumstances are a private family matter, suggesting that public involvement may not be advisable. 

Legendary Ghanaian musician Jerry Anaba, popularly known as Okomfo Kwadee, appears to be looking unhealthy in this recent video. It appears that he may be experiencing a decline in his mental health. 

The latest footage of Kwadee, depicting his deteriorated physical appearance and erratic behaviour, has sparked widespread anxiety about his health and mental state. Addressing these concerns, Quick Action noted the delicate nature of the situation. “I’ve seen the video, but it is a family issue, and I can’t meddle in it,” Quick Action stated.

“He listens to me very well, but no matter how much you love someone, you cannot take medicine for them, and there is a limit to how much you can intervene.” He continued, “I’ve been calling him, but the number I have is switched off. God is involved; my wife and I pray for him. 

I still say it is a family matter. I’ve been recording him since the issue started. I even negotiated for him to perform at RTP Awards, and there were misunderstandings about money, but it’s a family issue. Anytime you try to help, things don’t go as planned.”

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